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Friday, May 23, 2003

so I'm still alive, things are okay.

training is going well. did you know sea cucumbers breathe through their anus and can eviscerate most of their internal organs if needed, to regrow them later? did you know sea urchins have little pentagonal shaped mouths with five sharp, pointy teeth, and the whole thing is called Aristotle's Lantern?

register for classes on tuesday, hope to get into the ones I need. Lupe at FC said I don't have to take any placement exams and will be able to register for Chem 107, woot woot. I have her number in case it doesn't work right.

look at buy a laptop. Anyone heart of P3 Direct? Any input on this would be appreciated, especially since if I get it it has to be before the 30th of May.

going to ren faire. hope I survive, it's going to be hot and I have a tendency to get sick in hot weather. can't buy any swords or play things because of aforementioned possible laptop purchase and aforementioned registration for classes. oh well, maybe next year.

me = broke no matter what, so if anyone needs portraits shot or a website built, let me know.

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