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Wednesday, September 24, 2003

interesting day

today was pretty interesting... I got to lounge around for an extra hour today since there was an exam in Bio 104 (the class I'm the SI instructor for) and I only have to attend the lectures to take notes, so no lecture, no me. On the way to my other class, the one I actually have to go to, I mosied through a grad school fair, and oh my god,
Claremont Graduate University totally wants me for my mind. They can't want me for my money because I made it abundantly clear that I haven't got any. I mentioned my GPA and current teaching gig and, lo and behold, a bag was filled with every pamphlet and free advert item they had (including a groovy pen and pad of post-its, and god if I didn't desperately need post-its.) I was also assured that I would have no problem getting in. They don't have a genetics counseling program but they have a ton of other stuff, including English, Cultural Studies, and a focus on Politics and Public Policy, which sounds kind of interesting. I'm keeping my options open right now, you know? If there's one thing I've got, babe, it's possibilities.

I also flirted with UC Davis and Cal State Chico. They're only options if a) I don't find something reasonable near home, or b) if I can talk fuzzy into nudging a bit northward (but seeing as he just moved 3000 miles for me I don't think I should push it, you know?) Davis's law school rep seemed interested in me too, said that if I scored within the 75th percentile on the LSAT I'd most likely get an offer. Interesting... Stacy Garrison, attourney at law?

Wanted to go swimming, but I was definitely not feeling it this afternoon, so I took a nap, a nap, a much much needed nap for like 3 hours ( I even slept through dinner.) I feel good now, well rested, alert and all that stuff... and it's creeping up towards bedtime again already... I'm sure I can still sleep, I've been studying all night and my brain is ready to shut down again I think.

Just to give you a peek at my nerdy bits, I made a cool handout on Mitosis for the SI class tomorrow. I'm so crossreferencing that the graphics came out of my human genetics text book this time, go me. It has diagrams, but it also has pictures of the real thing, and I think it'll help them see how it works a little better.

Now that science is officially my friend, I'm delving into another new side-route. I'm into science, and I practice magick, and I'm working on a set of practices/general methodology that incorperates the two... think chemistry theory meets healing ritual, physics meets visualization, and biology meets earth healing or beltaine ritual. Anyone interested? Let me know... we all know I don't like to work alone.

Well, tomorrow is a busy day, so it's off I go to try and sleep again. Night all.

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