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Wednesday, September 17, 2003

time for updates, time for updates...

* my wall looks very bare since I got a photo album and put most of my pictures in it... I need postcards, people!! postcards... POSTCARDS... I have a bunch from Stevie and a few from various others amongst your ranks, but I need more, I crave more mail... I feel like I'm stuck on a deserted island with little contact with the real world... pweeeese? *bees all pouty an stuff* boring ones, silly ones, some from places I've never seen, some from places I've seen way too much of, it really doesn't matter....

* things are going well with the class I'm teaching... a little too well.... this is the first job I've had that I've actually really enjoyed, which is distressing because a) this job does not exist out there in the real world, and b) the closest thing to it that really exists in the real world would send me soaring to the loonie bin way too quickly... *sigh* guess I should just enjoy it while it lasts, right?

* I'm having this immense urge to be witchy, but I left all my witchy books at home, and it's really annoying... Ever since I saw those hand-made books I've been burning to create spells and experiences and knowledge to fill one with, and I can't, and it's bugging me.

* I'm starting to want to knit again.... this is not a bad thing because a) I have enough damn yarn and needles to not really need to buy anything, and b) I haven't done it in a while and I miss it... but c) it means something in my schedule has to give... but what? I mean, I could say that me and phuzzy don't really have to spend 4 hours on the phone every night, but y'all should know me well enough by now to know that that's not really going to change, at least not by my choice... I could always knit while we're on the phone... hmmmm... there's an idea....

* officially owns my soul by now, but I would love them a lot more if they would just send my damn dvds already. the last thing I ordered was a set of books on preparing for the GRE's and guess what they shipped out first?!? why can't they send the damn dvds I ordered 2 days before?

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