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Wednesday, September 10, 2003

So all in all things are going pretty well, even if I have been cranky lately. I feel like I'm over the whole college experience, really, ready to be done and all that good stuff. Part of it is fuzzy, but the other part is me. I feel like I've gotten what I need from this experience and it's time to move on, but I'm stuck here for another year still. Who knows, though, but that there may be some benefit to making me stick around a bit longer, making me go through another year and a half.

My classes are going well, nothing overwhelming at the moment, which is good because it gives me time to focus energy on other things, most notably my job. I've started making study materials, worksheets and practice tests, for my students, and the professor, whom I adore to the ends of the Earth, was pretty impressed with them. She said she may be using some of my questions on the actual exam and that she may have to hire me to write the exam since she hates doing it so much. I'm finding that I really enjoy putting these things together, it's a totally new kind of creativity and I think the more I bring in with me, the more the students will be engaged. If there's one thing I can't stand it's lecturing to a room of blank faces. This will make them think, and then when I go to apply for jobs of a similar nature (which is a possibility) it will be like a portfolio to demonstrate my experience and methods. I seem to attract jobs that put me to work in a teaching capacity, first writing fellows and now this. Maybe gearing to be a college professor wasn't so far off the mark in the first place? I still don't know if I could handle anything lower than that, but it's still a possibility. I definitely seem to have an affinity for this stuff, I just don't want to burn out.

I went swimming today, did an entire hours worth of laps which, if I timed myself accurately puts me at about 75-80 laps per hour (including brief pauses occasionally between laps to stretch out a wee bit.) I like it because it's low impact and because I feel worked out but not sore or anything. That and my ankles and knees are a bit weak and I really don't want to stress them by doing the stair climbers. I like walking too, but it's a question of getting up there and having someone to walk with so I don't get lonely. With swimming it doesn't matter so much because it's not really conducive to talking.

I found out that MIT has a one-year masters program for science writing, but there are too many problems with it for me to be able to really think about it... a) fuzzy just moved across country for me and it would be really unfair of me to take off like that, and b) it costs $29,400 a year just for tuition, not including the astronomically high costs associated with living in Boston. It's a bit of a bummer, but this gives me the motivation to look and see if there are any similar programs out on the west coast. Leave me a comment if you've heard of any.

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