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Friday, August 29, 2003

Well, I did it... I dropped the minor. I feel a little bit of disappointment, because I know I could have done it, done well in the classes and stuff, but I also know I would haven been completely burnt out on everything academic by the time I finished, and I totally don't want that. I love learning, and I love going to school. I think taking classes over the summer didn't leave me enough of a break, but I'm still glad I did that. I'm also a little sad about dropping my chem class, because I liked the professor, he really seemed to have an interest in the students and was nowhere near as awful as everyone made him sound. It's not all bad, of course, I'm probably taking a class on 20th century women artists, which should be cool, I'm hoping. Also, I can do individual tutoring now, and I can get the one unit for the tutor training class I was going to be taking anyway. Also, if I can get into it, I'm going to take a fitness swimming class, because I wanted to do that before anyway. I can also lay down at night and have my mind shut down, which it hasn't been doing. Ever since I got back its been going a mile a minute, wondering if I forgot to do something, worrying about what tomorrows classes would throw at me, and thinking over and over that I was never going to make it through the semester. Last night is also the first night since I've been here that I haven't cried and freaked out over my schedule. I got to hang out with Michelly and my suite mates last night, which was cool because it cheered me up a bit. I guess the disappointment is that I can't do everything I want to do or know I could do, but the relief is that I don't have to. If I pepper in a few more science classes here and there, which I may have room for, and especially the fun ones, I should be able to do some sort of science journalism. There are still tons of things I could do in grad school, from communications to journalism to english to law school to yes, possibly even still biology. It's getting harder and harder not to succomb to the "OMG what the hell am I going to do with my life?" panic, but I have to remind myself that I still have options, and that there really isn't a net tightening around me to decide my fate for the next 40 years at this point in my life. Plus the mamma said she isn't disappointed in me, and that there's really nothing I could do at this point that would disappoint her besides dropping out of school. Frankly, I think that would be more likely to happen if I did try to do the minor than if I don't.

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