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Sunday, August 10, 2003

so, yesterday was our one year anniversary, woot woot... things are going well. vacation was fun, we've been hanging out and kicking back because it's been too effing hot to do anything else. Phug man is back from Australia, and Stiva Diva gets back this friday, woot woot, plus Michelly gets here on the 19th, so all in all things are going good. Got an A in chemistry, and my boss in the tutoring center called with word of a job offer, so I have to call her back on Monday to see what it's about. Plus I got an email about a TA position for a class I took last semester (with a different teacher), so I emailed them back about that one, we'll see what happens.

got some cool pictures, maybe I'll put up another slide show when I get back to school and get lonely missing him... then again, I'll have Michelly, so maybe it'll be a while before I get bored and lonely... we'll see :)

btw, I called to tell you, but just for posterity:


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