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Thursday, September 11, 2003

On the suggestion of my biology/human genetics professor, I'm looking into a new career possibility... It's called genetics counseling and it basically is helping people through the process of genetic testing, whether for themselves or in relation to their offspring. I'm interested in doing this because it sits right in the gap between the average person and pure science, acting as an interpreter of sorts to make things easier and more digestible for people who need to understand and use the information that's now available about our genes. There's a 2 year masters program not too far from my house, and it doesn't have any specific require prior course work, so I probably wouldn't have to take many, if any, extra classes, meaning I could actually be done in 2 years. And bonus, it's less than $2000 a year for tuition, which is about $28,000 more affordable than the one I was worried about before...

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