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Sunday, August 01, 2004

* I really hate this house. Like, if I have to live here anymore I'm going to scratch my eyes out. Also, I'll stab my ears with pencils so I don't have to deal with my grandmothers shit anymore. Today she was irritated with my mother because she "wasn't informed" that my sister is online, even though Amie's computer has been internet capable for over 4 years now. Then she proceeded to bitch that "that's probably why the dr hasn't called" her back yet. Even though today is Sunday. And we've been gone camping, and thus not tying up the phone line, for a week. And this is yet one more fucking thing that is none of her damn business seeing as she's not Amie's mother and has no say in whether my sister is allowed to use the internet. Oh, also, last week out of nowhere she decided we needed to start using her lamps from the old house. The ones that haven't been used in well over 10 years. The ones that aren't sufficient, so we can't even put the other lamps away, we just have more fucking lamps. Also she pulled out a box of toys that were mine but that I haven't seen in about 20 years now. The day before I left for vacation. What the fuck is wrong with this woman? I really am starting to hate her, and I hate her even more for the fact that she's making me hate her, which I feel guilty for. She's a master of guilt trips, and she can't even fucking make an effort not to annoy me. So now when she dies I have a good few years of guilt to work through. Thanks, you old bitch. It's gotten so bad I can't even stand the sound of her breathing. And she's so bitter, it's like she's toxic to be around. *pulls out hair*

* Camping was okay, even though there wasn't much to do. There were shitloads of bugs and it was way too hot for me so that I had about 5 asthma attacks while we were gone. I thought of leaving early, but seeing as that option involved being back in the house with the above mentioned ungodly woman, I stuck it out. MASH was filmed up there, so the hills made the theme song get stuck perpetually in my head. Fuzzy hiked up to the site, but there wasn't much there. I got a bunch of reading done, which was nice.

* So we leave for a week, and the kittens totally grew, like by a lot. Zelda is like twice as heavy now, and so is Pyewacket, but she was teeny so it's not quite so much.

* My sister is friends with this girl. She bitches about said girl constantly, and I can't stand said girl because, not only is she annoying, but my sister becomes 900 times as annoying as usual when this girl comes over. They're gone right now, at least, so I can sleep tonight.

* I can't wait to have my own kitchen. One that isn't disgusting and that I can actually enjoy cooking in. I have turned into such a domestic.

* My wrist is fucked up. Last night Fuzzy rolled over on it, and it popped in a way wrists are not supposed to stop. We have a brace and an ace bandage. Both are the most uncomfortable things imaginable, and it's not helping and it hurts really bad. meh

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