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Saturday, July 20, 2002

So woooohaaa. Just got off the phone with the best friend, and damn I miss her... We spent the entire time laughing. Haven't laughed so hard in what seems like forever. So as it stands now, we're going to get her out here, get an apartment, and then embark on our diabolical plan to lure the DBLC out here for good, muahahahahaha. After some thought, we decided that a shared apartment would probably feature the following things:

-an outstanding collection of 80's movies and music.
-a dance alcove of some variety.
-a monsterously huge supply of pepsi.
-christmas lights. to accessorize the decor.
-lots and lots and lots of pillows.
-one of those bobble hula dancers in a window. somewhere.
-a surfboard. propped up in a corner somewhere.
-should the DBLC be lured into this abode, a mini fridge for things like marmite... *shivers*
-a ps2. woohhaaaa.
-a sword. because I have a sword.
-beaded curtains.
-shag carpeting.

more will be added. watch this space.

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