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Monday, December 09, 2002

random things, random things...

** why is it that when I have a lot of homework-type-stuff to do I get into a letter writing mood? four letters to send out tomorrow... four... the only reason that number isn't higher is because I don't have more people to write to *sigh*

** my accomplishment of the evening was figuring out how to make my favorite fountain pens work again. see, I recently bought one with complete cleaning instructions, and wha-bam! my old ones now work again, and I am uber-excited about this seeing as my favorite is one I got at the newly rebuilt globe theater in London when I was 16. go me! of course, this has only intensified the letter writing kick. *sigh*

** which brings me to my next solicitation... anyone out there like getting mail/writing letters? I realize I should be doing homework, but I'll be procrastinating anyway, and at least with more people to write to I wont keep pestering the same 5 people over and over and over again... plus I like actually getting mail back sometimes, and the only people who actually write back are my friend Michelle from way back, and my friend Steevie, also from way back.

** looks like I'll be leaving for home somewhere around the 17th, provided I get my Intro to English Major paper done a day early, which is entirely doable as long as I actually do it ahead of time. it's not like me to do things ahead of time, but if it means me leaving for home even one day earlier I'm all for it. especially since I'll prolly stop at Mikey's on the way down to catch a midnight showing of the Two Towers. do I hear a woot in the audience? I believe I do.

** one cool thing about finals this semester. studying for my history exam includes studying about the Vietnam War, which falls under the heading of impeccable timing, seeing as I'm also writing a paper that includes Apocalypse Now. Yay for stuff bein all interdisciplinary and stuff. Yay for serindipitous scheduling of studying and stuff.

** a Heart of Darkness... that book that is the bane of the English Majors existence... the thing about this book? once you've read it once, read entirely too many critical essays on it, discussed it to death in the classroom with a bunch of other people who also hate it, and bitched about it over and over on the way out of said classroom, reading it the second time becomes a surprisingly easy and maybe even pleasurable task. especially when you've already formulated a vague thesis for a paper and are finding more and more textual evidence to support said thesis. especially since you don't really have time to change said thesis, which was thought up at 2:30 in the morning before the abstract was due, even though you didn't know for sure if the support would be there.

** and since I'm apparently in such a good mood, yay for happy yellow active pills and the end of my monthly torment, which was surprisingly not as bad as it has been in previous months. and yay for excedrine... mmmmmmm.... excedrine.....

** I was thinking about it, and you know, it's crazy to think of how much I've gone through and how much I've changed in the past year. here it is almost January again... this time last year I was still at Chatham, hadn't yet gone to London for the second time... hadn't yet realized the full extent of my health ordeal... and now I'm here, 2500 miles away, back on the east coast... my health is back on track... I'm doing well in school even though I'm not exactly happy here... I'm in a relationship with someone that makes me very happy... closer to home even if it takes me longer to get there... all in all I think I've made a lot of progress

** I am intensely excited about going home... I cannot wait to hug my sister and my mom, to hang out with my friends and drive around like the crazies we are, and sit at norms drinking horrible coffee into the wee hours of the morning, and just being together and talking about life and stuff. cannot wait cannot wait cannot wait....

** so two responses so far for my anthro project, but I desperately need more so if you have done it yet, please please please do it for me? if you don't want to post in the comments you can use my little contact form, the link is at the right, right under the "about me" link. the questions are posted two entries down, or if you're too lazy to scroll down a few centimeters, click here. thanks to those who responded already, I appreciate it immensely.

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