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Wednesday, December 04, 2002

because all I can seem to be right now is disconnected...

** Feminist Literary Critics, as a general rule, make me angry... like this one essay on Conrad's Heart of Darkness... This woman actually asserts that things like "powerlessness", "flabby", "pretending", and "weak-eyed" are feminine qualities. Uhm, excuse me? When someone asserts that qualities like this are female, and it's not Joseph Conrad, then who exactly is transgressing against women? She fails to qualify her statements with anything concrete, which irritates me because she's the one who is labeling certain qualities with a gender, not Conrad... oy... *mutters*

** so yeah, that vaccine I got... now I have a big, red, sore bump on my arm... *wimpers* this sucks... I hate shots, and now my whole effing arm is sore... bastards...

** so I checked the book list, for the books my profs for next semester have ordered... uhm, $99 for my biology book?!? doesn't that seem a bit effing ridiculous to anyone but me? I've never even met the woman, and already I hate her with a bloody passion... $100 effing dollars for one book... for that effing price it had better sing and do my homework for me.

** woooo... and because this isn't looking enough like bitch-fest 2002... my head has been hurting lately, and I can't seem to make it stop... pressure behind my eyes all the time (gee, I wonder what thats from), school stress, and a whole bunch of other b.s. that I just don't feel like dealing with at all.

** on an upside, things are going well with the doo-wap group, though it doesn't look like it'll be staying all-female very long. we might be doing our first public stint out on the university quad soon, but just a couple songs we've been working on.

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