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Monday, December 02, 2002

so yeah, some things, randomly floating in space...

- despite the previous entry, I've actually had a decent day so far... though I do admit to being a wee bit pissy in light of a few recent events which I'll not go into. yes, I'm irritated with someone, but I'm not going to sink to airing my grievances in an online setting. if I bring it up at all it won't be in front of spectators.

- so I had to get a shot today. have I mentioned that, despite being 23 years old now I am still a big baby when it comes to needles? and that I especially hate it when the shot in question is unnecessary? since it's a vaccine I had before but I neglected to get my immunization records? and that MMR vaccines sting like a bitch? well yeah, all of that. but I took it uncharacteristically well, even didn't tense up so I shouldn't have a bruise. go me.

- I have decided on my prefered class schedule, and here it is:

British Lit, Monday/Wednesday/Friday 10-11am (4 units)
Biology Lab, Monday 11-12 (0 units.. bastards)
Integration: Feminity and Masculinity, Monday/Wednesday/Friday 12-1 (3 units)
English Colloquium, Monday 7-9pm (1 unit) (first half of semester)
English Colloquium, Wednesday 2-3:40 (1 unit) (second half of semester)
World Lit/Dostoevsky, Tuesday/Thursday 9:30-10:50 (4 units)
General Biology, Tuesday Thursday 11-12 (3 units)
American History to 1977, Tuesday Thursday 12:30-2 (3 units)

so yeah, thats 19 units. 19 units = no life, but a) I don't have one right now anyway, b) it means I graduate sooner, and c) graduating sooner = get away from here sooner... here isn't such a bad place, really, except that it's a bit lonely behind the redwood curtain.

- looks like I may soon be getting a visit from 3 of my friends... who knew? of course, nothing is definite yet, so I'm not getting my hopes up yet. but it would definitely go a long way towards lifting my spirits, thats for sure.

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