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Tuesday, December 03, 2002

So yeah, my schedule is now completely different from what I posted... 19 units and, god help me, only 3 of them are lower division... shoot me now, someone, please?!?

British Lit (Gender in 19th Century Lit... who let LDB in here???) MWF 10-11, 4 units
Integrating Feminity and Masculinity (hah! now there's one Chatham would not have had... I think...) MWF 12-1, 3 units
Psychology of Women (geeze, who did let Chatham in here??? ugh) W 4-7, 3 units
Bio Lab, M 2-5, 0 units (bastards)
English Colloquium (Raymond Carver) M 7-9, 1 unit
World Lit (Dostoevsky) TR 9:30-11, 4 units
General Biology, TR 11-12, 3 units
English Colloquium (Nature Poetry... ah, Chatham... how dost thou haunt me so?) W 2-3:40, 1 unit

And there you have it... 19 units = I'm insane = will be a babbling idiot by summer, but at least should not have to take classes over the summer... Ironically enough the only one I'm actually apprehensive about is Biology, because I am so not a science person... but I checked the course webpage and looked at all the stuff we'll be doing... looks remarkably like the one I took in high school, except easier... and while HS Bio was not my strongest class, I did still pass with a decent grade, in honors no less... so I'm hoping if I actually stay on top of things I can ace it. I think I might still be getting a 4.0 this semester, and perhaps I'm delusional, but I hope to do the same next semester to pull up my overall GPA a little more... Man, when did I become such a damn nerd??? There were seriously times when I risked not graduating high school by leaving off everything to the last minute, and now this? See, this is what happens when I have no life and too much time on my hands... so yeah, maybe in some odd ways it's a good thing I transfered here? Besides, hopefully being busy will keep me from dwelling on things too much, and make the time go by a bit faster. I feel like I'm serving a sentence here... 1 year and 5 months left to graduation, if I can pull off this many units in a semester... 1 year and 5 months. 17 months. It's not too much, right? It'll go by quickly, right?

Isn't this semester over yet? oy...

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