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Tuesday, December 10, 2002

so here's how my finals are shaping up:

Thursday: My conference paper, or at least a really solid-if-early version, is due today, to be read in front of the class for feedback. Compiling notes so far, it's shaping up nicely.
Friday: Last exam in Western Civ. Not actually a final as it's the same as every other exam, and not cumulative. Have started studying for this. also have a physical exam on Friday... *shiver* not looking forward to that... can't I just take the western civ exam twice?
Tuesday: Final version of conference paper due by 3:00pm. Anthro presentations at 5:00pm. Hopefully I will also have my paper on The Awakening done by then so I can leave to go home after my presentation. If not...
Wednesday: Paper on The Awakening due.

So yeah, entirely doable, entirely doable...

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