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Thursday, January 30, 2003

The radical of one century is the conservative of the next. The radical invents the views. When he has worn them out, the conservative adopts them. - Mark Twain

heh... thats just a random quote that I found amusing...

so today's been interesting... my check finally went through so I purchased my last book and a few modest school supplies. $90... meh... I hate Margaret Matlin, because now I've been forced to buy two of her drastically overpriced text books. At least this one is not as dry and boring and technical as Cognition, because otherwise I'd give up...

so I'm sitting in the Depot today, and this random guy comes up to me with headphones and a portable CD player and asks if I'm interested in hearing a song by a new artist, so I said sure... by the look of him, and me being a stereotyping asshole, I figured it would be hip hop, but it wasn't hip hop, and not only that, but the song was really effing fantistic.... like "where can I find this CD?" fantastic... and of course, it's his music, I figured that because who goes around playing someone elses music for other people? so I started talking to him about music and about his demo and stuff like that, and I might get to design his website, which would be cool because I am way into good music, and I think it would be a neat project to help someone with real talent get the word out. so yeah, if I do his website, hopefully I'll get to put MP3's on it, and then I'll pimp it out here so y'all can hear what I'm so excited about. definitely cool.

actually, I talked to a lot of random HSU people today, just sitting in the depot waiting for Michelle. first I ran into Margie, who I swear was supposed to be my grandmother and someone messed up and gave me the evil crazy one by mistake. she's an awesome lady, has travelled around the entire globe, has a bachelors degree in Psych and a masters in English, and is just going to school for the hell of it, to learn and stuff like that. she doesn't travel, actually, she said... she goes to places and lives there for a while... she's been, amongst a slew of other places, to Cambodia, and Thailand and Japan, England, the Czech Republic, and Italy. I can't even remember every place she mentioned. she has problems with her family, like with her kids mistreating her and stuff like that, so we hang out and talk about incredibly diverse subjects and laments that she was put in the wrong family by mistake.

then she left and this guy sat down, and he's going back to school after a lot of years to be a teacher. He has a bachelors in History and a law degree, fought in the Vietnam war, and spent many years as an attourney for workers comp, and after raising sons and being involved with boyscouts, he's decided to come back for his teaching credentials to teach high school math. I think it's really excellent to see people keep changing and learning throughout their lives like that, it just proves that you don't really need to be pinned down to one thing for your whole life if you really want to do something else...

so yeah, all in all it's been a really interesting day.

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