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Monday, January 27, 2003

today I had classes starting at 9am, and ending at 9pm, with four hours worth of breaks in the middle. it was long, and grueling, but all in all I was really very productive today.

I finally got to shoot my new bow, and I love it except I want to get a new arrow rest for it, or else forever shoot at a slight angle, which is kind of cool but I'm afraid it makes me look like a poser. also, I'm finding that wooden arrows work best with this bow, so I may have to get a new set from my instructor, or use the ones I picked up for Sarah today. I'll have to see if she'll let me. if neither of those work I'll either make due with the fiberglass or go out and spend money on new arrows.

after that I went to the lounge in the student union and finished off Notes from Underground, and slap me silly if Dostoevsky didn't finally come to the damn point in the last 20 pages of the novel. But you know what? It was fucking amazing, that's what. I still protest that it could have been about 100 pages shorter (which is saying a lot, as the book is only 130 pages), but maybe I'm wrong about that... maybe all that banter that I drudged through contributed to the ending, I really can't tell. All I can say is that at the very end it all came together somehow, in a way I can't define, and I really really liked it. Of course I'm not sure how I feel about a book that only becomes worthwhile after you're done reading it. Ask me later this semester.

After dinner I went to the workout room in the J, which is pathetic, and thats being kind. they don't have a friggin treadmill... how can a school this size not contain one single treadmill? I swear, they're all against me... I can walk for hours and hours on a treadmill, and not even notice, but left to stairclimbers I'm not so hot, and I hate the bikes because the seats are about as comfortable as underwear 3 sizes to small. I lasted an hour, though, about 10 minutes on that stupid stairclimber, and the rest doing various stretch-yoga-flexibility type stuff. doesn't sound real intense, I'll admit, but I feel nice and limber and stretched out.

After that I went to colloquium, and can I say I've already developed a dislike for the professor? and this is bad, because this woman is my academic advisor... but let me explain my harsh judgement... at the begining of class, she said we were going to watch a video and play it by ear, we might leave right after the video or have a discussions, but that she wouldn't make us right. LIAR! not only did she keep us the entire 2 hours (which believe me is bad enough because a- it's the first class, and b- I was on campus for 12 freaking hours), but she made us write on top of that. *(&#@*!($^)!

so now I'm finally back at home, but the good news is that I don't have anything due tomorrow, I've already finished that Dostoevsky book and done my bio reading, and those are the only classes I have tomorrow. so tonight I can crochet and take a long hot shower and read more of Emma and just generally relax and unload today.

I had my first bio lab today, and I actually had a really awesome time of it. It kind of made me sad, though, because I used to want to be a marine biologist, until I took Bio in high school, and the class was set at a ridiculous level and just turned me off of the sciences completely so that I changed after that. I wonder, if I hadn't taken bio there and were just immersed in a class like this, would I have changed my mind? It's hard to say. I was the first in the class today to identify a white blood cell :) go me. And I looked at spirolina, which was cool because it was waving around under the microscope, very much alive. as much as I feared it, I think this class is going to be really enjoyable for me, maybe a glimpse of what could have been if I hadn't been presented with that 8,000 pound, detestable, puke green textbook from the 1800's in the 10th grade.

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