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Friday, June 20, 2003

today was okay, basically uneventful, though it did feature mexican food, ice cream, and ghost world.

oh, and my poli sci prof felt the urge to point out to the whole class that I set the curve on the exam. great... now I hafta worry about getting beat up in the parking lot.

oh, and eeeew of all eeeeews, I discovered a tupperware container with spam of indeterminate age in the kitchen, not in the refrigerator, and I am prepared to confirm that it's been sitting out for more than a week. I actually had to effing smuggle it out of the house to get rid of it because my grandmother wouldn't throw it away because she doesn't know how long it's been there, so she just left it there.... I smuggled it out after everyone was asleep and had Phug throw it in his dumpster, because I know if I threw it away in our trash can, even the one outside, it would still end up back in the house within a 24 hour period. ladies and gentlemen, my gene pool.

fuzzy, you say you can stand to live with my family... are you sure? do you really know what you're getting into? consider wisely... you've been warned.

by the way, the new Harry Potter book is coming out in a few days, and I would be so incredibly wooed/thrilled with anyone willing to get a copy into my hot little hands... me = terminally broke, so there's no hope of me getting one on my own... and I wanna know who dies, dammit!

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