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Saturday, June 07, 2003

so blogger is finally working, which is good because I was getting a bit pissy at it for not allowing me to publish for three effing days...


things are going okay. I'm not sure whats going on with my volunteering, but I'm going to call and bug them again next week so that I can get it all worked out. class is going alright, but I've been a bit lax about the reading... I don't think it'll be too bad, because he told s that 70% of the exams are on the lectures, and I've taken good notes and all that, so I should be ok. I'm still a bit bitter about the cost of the books, but nothing I can really do about it.

Other than that, not a whole lot going on. I wake up, hang around the house and do nothing until class time, go to class, come home, and that's about the extent of my fun. ah, summer... why exactly did I spend months looking forward to this? these are the other joys I have to keep me going:

- this house is dirty... like detestibly, unbelievably nasty dirty. every fucking thing in this house is dirty.
- and cluttered, did I mention cluttered? my family added on an extra room so I have a place to sleep, but my sister things its her play room, my grandmother thinks it's storage space, and my uncle thinks it's anything but mine, so yeah, not really any space that's mine, exactly.
- I swear, I tried to get along with her... I tried really hard, but my grandmother can get on my fucking nerves without ever talking to me, and I swear she's going to drive me clinically insane in a matter of weeks.
- I haven't been able to sleep through most of the nights I've been home. Instead I wake up about 4-5 times every night from nightmares, but I can't remember any of them when I wake up. effing wonderful, right?

meh... can something change already? like anything? please?

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