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Wednesday, October 01, 2003


So I've been a bit remiss lately in updating this here weblog, but I just can't find anything that's really interesting enough to really write about... just my boring, every day life, really, and missing my boyfriend and my sister, and unless you're a) in the same or similar situation, or b) a masochist, I'm sure that most people are utterly sick of hearing me talk about it. *sigh* It's in some ways easier and some ways harder now... on the one hand, I feel more secure about everything than ever, secure in knowing that it's for real and I don't have to worry every second about little bitty things... and on the other hand, he's become such a huge part of my life, such an integral part of my concept of security and all that, that it's really hard to be away from him. But at least now he'll be home when I get there, and all will be well with the world.

I went to the nutritionist the other day, and she said I'm actually doing alright, the main thing I have to do is spread my carbs out, eat meat and fats with them because it's not the meat or fats I have a problem digesting/breaking down, it's the carbs... but yet it's not quite the atkins diet, it's not as severe as all that, it's more leveling things out... normal people are supposed to have something like 50-60% of their diet come from carbs, but given that I have this insulin resistance, it's more like 40% carbs, 30% fat and 30% protein for me, which I can live with... The worst thing, though, is that she said I have to cut back on the milk... and lo and behold I'm starting to, but the problem is that I crave it like burning... *sigh* totally owns my soul, just so you all know. I have a total of 5 books coming, though one of them is for my research paper in 20th century women artist... (of course, I did just change my topic to knitting as a feminist art, so lets not think I'm being too studious, really... I just figure if I have to eat, shit, and breathe this paper for the rest of the semester it might as well be something I enjoy, right? Besides, then when I'm knitting, I can say "I'm not procrastinating, I'm doing research..." heh.)

Got the brightest, most colorful letter in the mail today from a friend... absolutely cannot wait to answer it... of course, I do have to wait... until Friday, after I turn in that horrible crit theory paper that I am dreading like death... *sigh* stupid school, stupid homework, stupid distance, stupid everything.

calgon, take me away indeed.

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