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Monday, October 27, 2003

new game

So now that I have a few minutes, I'd like to introduce a new game I like to call "moron hunting." The idea is simple... just go to
amazon and select a movie that might seem controversial (or at least might be controversial in those states that don't touch coastline.) Go to "see all customer reviews" and then sort by "lowest rating first" and see what you fine... I warn you, this won't do anything to raise your esteem toward your fellow man, but it can be funny... for example:

for "To Wong Foo":

None of the three male stars in this movie were convincing homosexual-transvestites. I found it very hard to watch this movie. It's not funny at all and the propoganda in it is so obvious(I suppose that's a good thing). It does nothing but try to brain-wash any and all things that are natural about being a real man. While I don't believe in being violent towards homosexuals, I do believe that accepting this unnatural behavior, as somehow natural, is the most damaging thing you can do to those who practice this life style. To truly love your neighbor is to help him and to help by warning them of the dangers of their life style. I was so surprised to see these three men playing these roles. It's hard for me to see them as real men in anything else now. A real man will absolutely hate this film. I warn you, you can potentially be brain-washed if you watch it. I don't recommend this movie at all !!!

for "Jesus Christ Superstar":

This film portrays Jesus Christ as less than perfect. A Christian knows that Jesus was perfect on Earth and is still perfect. Satan did try to tempt Christ, but Christ in his sinlessness, did not fall. The attempts to make Jesus seem like just another human kind of guy are not true to history. Jesus is the son of God - He is God - He is the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit who lives in those who trust in Him for salvation.

I have read reviews wherein friends have stated that, religious beliefs notwithstanding, it was a good film. How in the name of Hoot Gibson can a movie about Jesus be regarded as anything but religious. People are going to watch it and draw conclusions about the Life of Our Savior. "For all you care, this bread could be My Body!" Are you kidding me? Where these the words with which He instituted the Eucharist? I had a Catholic tell me that Jesus isn't REALLY present in the Eucharist. It's just a "symbol!" He may have gotten this impression from watching "Modernist" heresey like this movie. I like to watch movies about my Faith, however, I reached a point, in my life, when I said that I would never again watch one about Our Lord.

[ed note: Did she really say "how in the name of Hoot Gibson"?!? I defy anyone to read these without adopting a southern accent!]

for "Stigmata":

Please listen to me and do NOT see this movie, let alone buy it. I saw this in theaters and was disgusted. I am a HUGE movie buff and have never walked out of a theater, but I did on this one. Im not a religious person at all, but halfway through, I was worried for my eternal soul. My mom used to tell me that "the devil puts out movies and if you see them, youll go to hell." I laughed it off of course until this. I was whispering prayers with every blasphemic line. Please give NO money to this utter trash. Please I beg you!

for "Harry Potter: CoS":

Harry Potter should be called Harry Psycho.
I have read all the one star reviews, and I must say that I totaly agree with them. The Harry Potter movies, and books are nothing but a one way ticket to hell. I should assume, and I assure all of you people out there, that those who watch the Harry Potter movies, and read the books are mental pacients who need to go to a psychiatric hospital for which they'd never fully recover. This movie is bad, because it promotes nothing, but darkness. I can sense a grave disturbance from this movie. The kid actors who are in this movie cannot act their way out of a shoe box. They don't know the difference between reality and fantasy. I'm warning you that you should stay as far away from Harry Potter, as far as possible. Read this, and learn."

[ed note: might take this one a bit more seriously if they could spell "patients" correctly.]

for "Harry Potter: SS":

Harry Potter attends Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and learns to cast spells, make potions, use divination and the make up of a witches broom. They also talk to the dead and use sorcery routinely. They are introduced to animal/human sacrifice, drinking blood, Mother Goddess theories, evolution, reincarnation, divination, demon possession, Celtic and Druid religions and even Satanism. A child reading the books will learn witchcraft as if they were studying Wicca. The only difference in Harry Potter is that the spells are "made up" words in Latin with a humorous touch, but are not real spells. However, the intrigue leads the child to wanting to learn the same things as Harry, which can lead them to learn correct spells on witchcraft websites linked to Harry Potter. If the interest is there and a child gets excited about learning to be "like Harry", they will find a way to learn sorcery.

[ed note: what a load of f*cking bullshit... where do people get this shit?]

However artfully veiled it may be, it cannot be denied that this film is the next step in a government conspiracy to confuse America's youth into putty that the government can mold to it's will! They throw these dark references at the audiences, yet make light of it all. How can it be anything but an attempt to soften our youth up to the ideas that the government will be forcing upon them once they go into Phase Four of The Demosthenes Plan? Boycott this film or free speech and, dare I say it, free thought shall be destroyed!

[ed note: ok, who allowed this man to own a computer? seriously, people... "free thought will be destroyed... unless you THINK LIKE ME" *roll eyes here*]

Everybody loves special effects in the movies, but these Harry Potter films have one special effect parents are missing. When the movie is over the seeds of witchcraft are planted into the mind of their child and a wicked life will result. What evil goes in, will come out. Repackaged witchcraft for children, that's all it is. For example; many convicts in prison practice witchcraft with many wizard tatoos and demonic symbols. There is no such thing as good witchcraft as this movie tries to portray. The special effect is yet to be an unpleasant surprise upon the next generation having grown up with witchcraft firmly implanted and recognized as harmless fun. The crime level is going to rise. Just look at the evil spells the Harry Potter movie uses to propel the plot; drinking blood and other witchcraft evils. Hardly innocent and harmless! Is this what you want your children to watch? Woe to those who call evil good and good evil.

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