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Sunday, December 14, 2003

progress update

blessed be my Shakespeare professor for, upon realizing we would be unable to finish the movie, and saying that our latest papers were very good, he decided that our last assignment, the 5-page (five page!) movie response was unnecessary and that leaves me with one less source of stress. that said, here are some updates on my grades.

crit theory: I got an A on my presentation and a B+ (:() on my first paper... hopefully I'll nail this next paper, and at any rate I don't think an A is entirely out of reach, unless she takes my in-class silence out on my grade... *crosses fingers*

shakespeare: A- on the first paper, A on the second paper, and I was only absent twice... hopefully it'll be a solid A, since he said less than 3 absences could work to my benefit.

art history: A on the first midterm, A- on my knitting paper. I can fix a few things on the paper and resubmit it if I have time to hopefully push it up to an A. I also have the take home final due on Friday. Missed a lot of this class, but from what I've heard she doesn't take too much count of that. *crosses fingers*

human genetics: with my favorite professor here at HSU. 103, 108, and 105 on all exams so far, and 100 on my paper. not too worried, even if I fudge a bit on the final I should still be fine, but by all accounts that shouldn't happen. this is the one class I can count on.

Here's what I have left to do:

* human genetics final on monday (study tomorrow)
* crit theory paper (read tomorrow, take some notes, write paper monday and tuesday, paper due at 4:30 on tuesday)
* one last SI session
* touch up knitting paper a bit? (maybe, it depends on how I feel/how much time I've got)
* write art history final

Also, I got very good evals for my SI class and I get to do it again next semester =D yay! I got my tutor certification as well, and I'm looking forward to improving next year on SI, even though my students this well did spectacularly and apparently found me helpful. Bonus, my attendance was apparently very high for the class, which also bodes well for me. The glowing praise my advisor gave me really made me feel good and is helping me to get through these last few weeks.

In one week, I will be at home, watching tv or sleeping. Can't wait to knit with my sister and Patrick and my mom. Can't wait to see my Stevie. Can't wait to bake cookies and look at Christmas lights and stuff.

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