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Saturday, December 06, 2003

yesterday was the ultimate in suckage.... here's why

* pelvic exam. I hate them with a passion, but fortunately, I so far only have to have one a year. that, however, is still far, far too often.

* my tire blew on the freeway. so I pulled over and, sitting less than 2 feet from the edge of the right hand lane, changed said tire. my friends cheered me on and said I'm empowered for being able to change my tire. for a minute I thought maybe being empowered was tiring and a bit of a pain in the ass. then I remembered that if I were not empowered, instead of changing the tire, I would have had to walk all the way to a pay phone, called AAA, waited two hours for someone and change the tire for me. that would have been even more teh suck, even though I ended up with a soaking wet ass (it had been raining and I was sitting on the ground), various car byproducts on my pants, and the problem of how and where to get a new tire and with what money. fortunately the mamma came through as usual and I'm getting it fixed today. woot.

* so, funny story... just as I was finished and putting the jack and crobar back in the trunk of my car, a cop finally pulled up. I started to approach him, on the street side rather than the shoulder and he freaked out and started ushering me to the shoulder. I had to laugh seeing as I'd been sitting with my ass virtually hanging out in traffic for the last 20 minutes, but I know he meant well. I told him the tire had gone and I had changed it and he said I obviously "don't need a man."

* Anthony was there and was very noble and tried hard to help even though I didn't really let him because I'm used to doing it by myself. He totally would have changed it if I'd let him, and that is totally why Anthony is teh cool. Hey Anthony... I know someone who rocks ;)

so today I'm going to get the tire changed for-permanently. hopefully I only need one, but I'm pretty sure they're going to tell me I need more than that, because that is how my luck is running these days. two weeks from today I will be waking up next to fuzzy and hanging out with my mom and sister. Anthony will have been woken up by his little brothers in the wee hours of the morning (8am), and Michelle will be pacing the floor, excitedly anticipating her upcoming flight home. 2 weeks 2 weeks 2 weeks.....

here's the revised list of what I have to do:
get new tire(s) installed (today)
write shakespeare paper (for wednesday)
study for human genetics final (for next monday)
write movie response for shakespeare (also for next monday)
write critical theory paper (for next wednesday)
write final for art history (for next friday)
(by "next" I mean the week following this one...)

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