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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

let the bitching begin

I hate Bush. I hate Bush so much that if hating someone caused the physical pain, he would be curled up in the fetal position screaming right now. I am so fucking irritated over his push for a constitutional ammendment to ban gay marriage, an I think it's the most ridiculous and bothersome thing that I've ever heard.

*he said that marriage has remained unchanged all this time and that courts shouldn't be allowed to change that. Thats a bunch of fucking bullshit, because if it were true then women would still be the legal property of their husbands, divorce would be illegal, and remarriage would also be illegal. not to mention the fact that interracial marriage would be illegal, and most people would never marry anyone outside their religion. besides that, marriage would be only in a church, instead of in courthouses and such like that for people who aren't christian. so don't fucking tell me that marriage has remained unchanged.

*Bush and the conservatives always talk about how granting gays the right to marry is a step down a slippery slope to all kinds of changes to marriage. Is it just me, or is manipulating the Constitution of the united states to discriminate against people an even more slippery slope? next they'll want an ammendment to put prayer in schools, or to establish christianity as the official religion of this country. or maybe they'll want to ban interracial marriages next? I don't care if you're for or against gay marriage, THIS SHOULD BOTHER YOU! If they can take rights away from gay people, they can take rights away from straight people too, not to mention women and minorities.

*I love how Bush has spent his entire godforsaken presidency stomping all over the constitution and the bill of rights, but now that it suits him to do so he is trying to go back and use those same documents to further his own agenda. I can't believe what a huge fucking hypocrite the man is, and a dangerous hypocrite at that. He does the same thing with religion, using it when it's convenient for him and disregarding all that doesn't suit his motives.

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