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Thursday, January 13, 2005

seriously, what did people do before the internet?

I am so bored. Like terminally bored. So bored that any minute now, my brain is going to scamper out of my head in search of stimulation. My problem is ADD, you know, the constant need for stimulation brought on by a lifetime of three-ring entertainment and media circuses. What did people do before the internet and tv? I've been reading like crazy, and it's like there just aren't enough effing books on the planet to keep me entertained forever. We got the rabbit ears and so far all we've gotten out of it was a frustrating 15 minutes of hearing drew carey, without actually seeing anything but what drew carey would look like on the spice chanel when you only have basic cable. Our apartment is sad looking still, but it's ours, and Saturday it will start to be filled with furniture and more crap. There will also be kittens, which means at least a bit more excitement to be had, if they're not so pissed off at us for the brief abandonment and 15 hour road trip they're being forced to endure. The kittens will probably forgive us faster than Franny, who is the neighborhood darling and has even deigned to associate with my family somewhat since she's been gone. I half expected that, Chris and I both being gone, she would start taking her meals at Kathy's again, but turns out she waits for my mom to get home every night, meets her dutifully by the back door, and still takes her meals in the room occupied with the kittens she finds so detestable. We plan to keep her indoors up here, if she'll allow it. If not there are a lot of other cats around, and I've no doubts she'll rapidly establish her place in the pecking order. We've had the carpet cleaned, but since there is still identifiable cat smell, we're having it cleaned again. All we need is for our cats to smell it, and there will be piss-fest 2005.

Things are still progressing well with the job I mentioned in the last post. It's the kind of job where you have to jump through a bunch of hoops, though, so two more installments happening today and tomorrow, after which it will hopefully be official. All I'll say is that this is one of the last job I would ever have imagined myself doing.

I've been so bored I've been spending a lot of time sleeping, which isn't good... At least if I get this job we can get cable... *sigh*

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