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Monday, June 27, 2005


worst. day. ever.

so, due to the fucktardery of SBC, we will now not have the internets until JULY 5TH!!!! *STACY SMASH!!!*

also, stuff sucks.

in an effort to look on the bright side of life, however, Fuzzy got me the desk I wanted (I hafta pay him back, of course, but I couldn't have gotten it without him and his mystical credit card powers.) It's all pretty and stuff. I just hope we can fit a futon in that room, it's lookin' pretty tight at the moment. it's a pretty desk too, all silver with glass for the top and all that. I wanted the glass because the room is a little small, and I didn't want a big, heavy-lookin piece of furniture to shrink it down. and I needed a big desk, because I've got my computer, but I'm also going to need a good space to read and study and do my homework. so it's a lovely L-shaped desk, and everything fits nicely, all I need now are some drawers.

last night I made butter chicken, and seriously, I never seem to remember exactly how good it is, because every time I make it I surprise myself again. the cats seem to like it too, because we've given up trying to prevent them from eating people food, and they seem happier and don't bug us any more than they used to anyway, so there. Franny doesn't really seem interested, usually, although she did enjoy the steak a few weeks ago. Zelda likes to taste things before she decides, and Pyewacket just dives in headfirst, as long as it smells like food, and I swear she will eat pretty much anything.

I need to get a venus fly trap for the office, because some little gnats hitched a ride on my sweet pea plant, and I don't want to spray any pesticides on it because that's grody, and also because the geckos live in there, and I've heard reptiles can be especially sensitive to those sorts of chemicals. plus I work in there, so I don't want to be exposed to it either. the sweet pea is blooming all over the place in various shades of pink. most of the flowers on my yellow calla lilies have shriveled up, but there's a new one just blooming, which makes me happy.

I talked to my mom, and she said they managed to relieve the swelling on my grandmother's brain, which is definitely good news, although I'm still waiting to hear what the specialist has to say.

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At 5:04 PM, Blogger Anthony said...

yeah you show those bitches!


go stacy :)


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