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Sunday, October 30, 2005


Today at work I got called out to check on a sick/injured cat. She was alert and responsive, but her back legs were obviously mangled and there was a fairly big hole in her abdomen. So I took her to the animal hospital, and at first the vet tech said it really wasn't looking promising and I had to sign a waiver giving them permission to euthanize if they couldn't treat her. Then he took some xrays, and said that since the pelvis and spine were in tact, the vet would try and splint the back feet (both of which were snapped clean in two, one of the feet had the bone sticking out through the skin), and since the organs were all in tact, they will prolly just clean her out and stitch her up. Fortunately she has an avid chip so that they can hopefully be able to find the owner. I'm really worried about her, and I hope they're able to get her taken care of. Please just pray for her or something for me, I really want her to be okay, she's a sweet cat and let me pet her and calm her down the whole way there and while she was at the vet. She must have a loving home if they had her chipped, and I know how devestated I'd be if that happened to one of my kitties, so just pray for her to be okay and make it back home to her people.

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At 11:04 PM, Anonymous phug said...

Sorry to hear about the kitty. I've seen two kitties in as many weeks accidentally hit by cars while out on the road, and that ain't cool. :*-(


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