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Thursday, October 13, 2005

general update

So it's been a while since I've posted anything of substance, and I figured it was time to catch up and fill y'all in on where and how I've been lately.

Being a science major is going well, but y'all, I am so effing tired that I swear there are just no words for it. Seriously, I thought the mid-semester dementia was bad on the other side of campus, but that was before I took up residence in the science complex. I mean, for the love of god, people, the classrooms are starting to look like Night of the Living Dead with everyone staring around with blank and somewhat obsessive expressions. Bags under the eyes are required equipment, it turns out, and it reminds me of the quote I heard a long time ago: "Students can perform three functions in any one semester: studying, partying, and sleeping. Only two can be performed during any given semester." Well, I'm here to tell you that for science majors, it's only studying and sleeping, and only ONE can be performed during any given semester. I'm doing well, though, I got a 96 on Bio test number one, an 87% on my chem test (which is prolly an A after the curve, since the average was 54%), and an A in my crim class, seeing as how I've gotten 100%/A on everything I've done in there. The prof even wrote "Bless you, Stacy, right on target" on one of my quizzes, for crying out loud.

So you know how I had no interest in knitting for like the three million years I was out of school and had plenty of time on my hands? Well, now that I have no time whatsoever and way more responsibility with school? Can't. Stop. Knitting. Seriously, is this some sort of cruel joke? But seriously, I'm getting adventurous. I have broken away from squares and basic bowl shapes, ladies and gentlemen and I have mastered the sock. I also got a book of basic patterns, and I swear I shall be making gloves and mittens soon, oh yes. And plans are in the work for my much desired Mr. Rogers Cardigan. Woot Woot. I am now officially the president of HSU's fine Stitch n' Bitch, and word of our existence seems to be moving steadily throughout the campus. People hear me talk about it and say "I've been trying to find out where and when you guys meet!" We're like effing El Dorado or something, apparently. And you know what? I've found a group of girls to pound on tables with, and it's great. Like by a lot.

I have another effing ingrown toenail. UGH. Why, Dad, why did you have to give me THOSE EXACT GENES!!! I'm starting to resign myself that I'm probably going to have to have this one cut out too, which sucks, especially considering my thrilling experience last time. It blows, but I like being able to walk by putting my whole foot on the floor instead of just the outside of my foot.

In short. Stacy sleepy, stacy grumpy, stacy whiney.

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