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Thursday, December 08, 2005

For Fuzzy With Love

So, since I am teh broke, and cannot afford to shower him with awesome gifts (such as, for example, the Lego Millenium Falcon), this year for Christmas I am giving the gift of embarassment with (drumroll please)....

Why My Fiance is the Best Man on Earth

This will be a multi part segment, going on until I feel like I've adequately covered the finer points of his awesomness, or until he makes me stop...

1) He looks like a 24 year old Harry Potter in the scarf I made for him. I will get a picture at some point so you can all see it, it's the cutest thing ever.

2) He makes killer chicken... seriously, best chicken ever.

3) When I called him from work today because I wasn't feeling good, he brought me orange soda and a hostess pie. Seriously? beat that!

4) He is animal jesus... seriously, every animal on the planet wants to sit on his lap and be pet. It's absolutely uncanny, even ducks and reptiles take an instant liking to him.

5) He is fabulous with our pets. Even the geckos love to be handled by him most of the time.

6) Y'all won't get this, but he will, so two words: Cookie. Chicken.

7) He actually wears the knitted stuff I've given him.

8) He loves Harry Potter, and is steadfastly insisting that the character we lost on book six isn't really dead.

9) He didn't get mad at me for watching the Wizard of Oz like 12 times in one week.

10) Speaking of which, he bought me the Wizard of Oz 3 disc collectors edition for my birthday.

Ok, more later.

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