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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Owls, and happier times

This weekend I took my mentee to the HSU Natural History Museum to see some live owls. They were awesome, and I took some videos:

This one is a great horned owl. He kept turning his head around, seeing himself in the tv behind them, and then he'd flap his wings out really big and hoot at himself. I tried to catch him doing it, but he wasn't performing.

I like this one because all of the owls are watching the guy like they're listening to his lecture.

The other two owls, I'm not sure what they were exactly except that the small one is a type of screech owl. Both of two owls in this video lost their eyes in car accidents. Watch for owls, people, sheesh!

I also uploaded this pic of me and Tullia from the Toronto Science Center. It made me smile. This was days before the whole world imploded for me. I wish I could just go back and live this day over and over, instead of the ones I'm living now.

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