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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Things I've Made :)

Here are some of my recent projects, both finished and not-so-finished....


This is Haffertee. Patrick found a pattern for him up on and became covetous, so I made Haffertee for him (though I haven't sent him yet.)


This is the back of the sweater I am making for my sister, pattern by bluesky alpacas. We got the pattern from lettuce knit during my pilgrimage there. I have finished one of the front pieces, and half of the other side. Then its just the sleeves and finishing, woo woo.


A closeup of my sisters sweater.


A lace scarf I started a bit ago and haven't worked on in a while, but it's there and the yarn is pretty, so I'll get to it soonishlike...


And here is the pullover sweater vest I am designing for myself. This is the front, and I'm about half way through with the back.


A closeup of the cable on the sweater I'm designing.

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