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Thursday, September 13, 2007



1. Go to
2. Put in Username: nycareers, Password: landmark.
3. Take their "Career Matchmaker" questions.
4. Post the top ten results.

eh, voila:

1) Director of Photography (could do this)
2) Set Designer (ditto)
3) Professor (bing bing bing, we have a winner!)
4) Costume Designer (sounds like fun)
5) Website Designer (shoot me in the head)
6) ESL Teacher (only speak English)
7) Foreign Language Instructor (see above)
8) Special Effects Technician (meet my coworker, Amanda)
9) Desktop Publisher (wait, Amanda.... are we the same person?)
10) Lobbyist (I believe this is the Shiftless Layabout of which you spoke)
11) Computer Trainer (so wait, you train computers? as long as I don't have to train people...)
12) Cartoonist / Comic Illustrator (sigh... if only I could draw)
13) Animator (see above)
14) Criminologist (why isn't this higher on the list? Oh, right, because poking dead people wasn't an option. stupid quiz.)
15) Actor (could do that)
16) Fashion Designer (because everyone envies my fashion sense.)
17) Director (could do that)
18) Multimedia Developer (eh... maybe)
19) Anthropologist (uhm, hi? see number three :) )
20) Casting Director (nah... I can't deal with crying people)
21) Computer Animator (no way, not patient enough)
22) Comedian (lol... Amanda, this is getting creepy)
23) Artist (still can't draw)
24) Graphic Designer (no)
25) Political Aide (this is like indentured servitude, only worse.)
26) Activist (ugh, no way.... nothing is worse than trying to convince people to care about shit.)
27) Critic (I already do this, every day)
28) Musician (huzzah!)
29) Public Policy Analyst (zzzzzZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz)
30) Communications Specialist (eh)
31) Market Research Analyst (kill me first)
32) Print Journalist (used to be interested, but at the moment I sort of equate journalism with heartless swine.)
33) Writer (on the weekends)
34) Truck Driver (this is my "if I drop out of society" career)
35) Composer (mebbe in another lifetime)
36) Translator (I'd be to tempted to change everything people said...)
37) Medical Illustrator (again with the I don't draw)
38) Industrial Designer (nope)
39) Interior Designer (could see it.)
40) Video Game Developer (lol... well, my husband would be a good game tester....)

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At 1:33 PM, Anonymous phug said...

1. Professor
2. GIS Specialist
3. Business Systems Analyst
4. Computer Support Person
5. Computer Trainer
6. Political Aide
7. Anthropologist
8. Web Developer
9. Computer Programmer
10. Real Estate Appraiser


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