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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

T-minus1.5 days and counting!!!!!

Y'all may not know this, but I am a *freak* for the holidays, like you can't believe. No matter how many bad things happen, or how jaded I may be the rest of the year, I totally buy into the holiday spirit every single year just like I were still 6 years old or something. And this year, I need it so much more than ever. It's restorative, in a way I guess.

As I write this, our Willie Bird turkey is brining in it's apple cider/salt water/allspice and bay leaf brine. It'll soak all night and most of tomorrow in this mixture. The salt help the liquid absorb into the turkey and also helps to make the meat more tender.

Tomorrow night, I'll take it out of the brine and let it rest overnight. Then, on Thursday, we roast it and eat it, which is the bestest part, totally.

My mum and sister will be here on Thursday morning. I am soooo effing excited, like you can't possibly believe. I miss them so bad, I can't even put it into words. It will be bliss if me and Chris can build our house out in NY like we want to, with a little cottage for my mum, and plenty of room if my sister decides to go to college out there and live with us.

Five years from now, I want to have at least one nerd baby. I want to be prepping a turkey in our house, on our own land. I want to go outside and feed the llamas and goats, and give them some special treats. I'll slip some apple slices in for the rabbits. We'll slip some turkey to the cats and to Winston, and maybe some other goodies as well. Chris and my mum can be taking care of little Sophie or Connor. Maybe nerd baby number two will be in the works. Maybe Chris's family will join us there. Who knows what traditions we'll have by then, or who else might be there, or anything like that. The rest, the details, aren't important

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