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Monday, July 22, 2002

And now we return to the neverending saga of why I hate my grandmother.

I come out of my cave today, and I hear her in her room sobbing wildly. Now, I should know better. I should know by now not to say anything, but I always do. So I asked my sister if she knew why grandma was crying, and she said no and went in to find out. Now, before I start to sound like a heartless bitch, let me explain a few things.

1) She does this all the damn time. Like weekly.
2) She's only doing it for attention. How do I know this? Well, lets examine the evidence. She starts out quietly in her room. If no one says anything, she cries louder and louder and louder. If everyone is still not paying attention to her, she gets up to perform some menial task that somehow involves her lurking throughout the entirety of the house, sobbing and wailing like a goddamned banshee. This is the pattern. This is what she does every damn time.
3) If you ask her whats wrong, she just gets angry "Nothing... I don't know why anyone bothers to ask me, you don't care if I live or die." Or just insert any sort of dramatic guilt trip you can think of, she's probably used it.
4) She does this to my sister most of all. That's right. The old bitch actually plays mind games with a ten year old. Actually, she's been doing it since my sister was about two years old, and she did it to me when I was a kid.

So it started again today, and stupid me, I let my sister and cousin go in to check on her, and of course they came out crying and upset because the old bag had berated them and layed on the guilt trip. Then she came out and kept right on doing it, so I finally fucking blew up at her. I yelled at her. "If you're going to throw yourself a fucking pity party, you could at least be decent enough not to say all that shit to them. They're just kids and you're crushing their self esteem. How do I know? Because I remember how it felt when you did the same to me when I was a kid." And she actually had the nerve to tell me that me and my sister aren't the only ones with feelings. At that point I'd had enough, and I didn't trust myself not to say something incredibly cruel that I would eventually regret. So we left. We went to the park, and the kids played in the playground, and I called my mom and she met us there.

I really need to leave this house. Like 22 years ago.

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