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Thursday, December 12, 2002

1. Looking for a party on a Thursday night while everyone else is studying for finals? Head on over to my room, where my fucking downstairs neighbors take pride in being able to shake my fucking floor and rattle my fucking concentration the day before my last big test. fuckers.

2. I still don't want to go tomorrow. dammit.

3. I need suggestions for suitable names for a bearded dragon. Because dammit, they're cute.

4. Have I mentioned that I have absolutely no desire to go tomorrow? Because I don't.

5. So my sister is learning to use email and yahoo messanger. Woot.

6. I'm sorry I'm a bum sometimes. But you love me anyway, goddammit. And no evangelist. No no no no no.

7. I'm so glad you called me today. We should not ever be asshats like that again, okay? Cuz like, seriously, where would all the inside jokes go?

8. And yes, it is cute, isn't it? You know what they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...

9. I managed to read a paper thats approximately 20 minutes long in 15 minutes.

10. I noticed about half way through that I wasn't actually breathing. or moving. It was quite an interesting sensation, I assure you.

11. And now, a haiku, for the initiated:
Stop looking at me.
Don't be looking at me. Cut
it out. Knock it off.

so yeah. that's all


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