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Saturday, December 14, 2002

and now, because I go home in like 5 days and I am experiencing an extreme and troubling lack of motivation today, here is a list of things that I am looking forward to at home:

1. Hanging out with my friends... Steevie, and Patrick, and Jason, and Jen, and and Michelle, and maybe even Owen, and hopefully Chelsea, and and and... yeah :)

2. Leaving my place of residence more than once a week, which I haven't done at school for fear of not getting a parking space. That, and where would I go?

3. Seeing my sister... have I mentioned how much I severiously miss my sister? Cuz yeah, it's a lot... Can'twaitcan'twaitcan'twait!

4. Seeing my mom... I mean seriously, I miss my mom a lot. And I didn't get to see her much when I was home for Thanksgiving since she was working most of the time I was home, and hopefully I'll get to see her more this time.

5. Just being on familiar stomping ground, where I know every street and freeway, and how to get to a million cool places, or just drive for hours with my Diva talking about life and stuff.

6. It's gonna be Christmas! Holy shit, have I ever expressed how much I love Christmas? I love the lights and the trees and the ornaments and the music and just all of it. Granted this year will be marked by the absence of a certain someone... but at least I've got the mamma and the sister...

7. The month off will go very fast... and at the end of it March will be that much closer. Like by a lot.

8. Sleep... I'll get to sleep and won't have to worry about classes or papers or Joseph stinking Conrad, or anything like that. Which is good, because when I get back I'll be in way more classes and have way more stuff to keep track of.

9. Hugs, lots of hugs, from all the people named above... Sister hugs and friend hugs and mamma hugs and more friend hugs and then more sister hugs. Wheeeeeee!

So yeah, I'm lookin forward to it, by a lot ;)

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