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Friday, December 13, 2002

so yeah... some things...

1> There's a guy out in the parking lot. He's screaming. Oh, and singing, did I mention singing? And me with nothing to throw... Fucker.

2> Pelvic exams suck. Like by a lot. For instance, just because a surgical thingy is warm to the touch does not mean it is warm to the touch... Oh yeah, and sensations that are even remotely like being impaled on an umbrella which is subsequently opened? Not fun... The whole experiences was vaguely... violating, somehow... She didn't even want to cuddle after... *sigh*

3> Met with the prof of the Conrad paper fame. Said there's almost nothing I can do to not get an A in the class. Woot.

4> Asshole still yelling in parking lot. Wondering how well arrows will fly without bow to propel them. Could throw really, really hard... hmmmmm...

5> Oh and my body? That lying ass bitch? Started rebelling tonight instead of the previously agreed upon date of next Wednesday. Fucker.

6> Penelope Ann. Penny for short.

7> Have I mentioned what a goober you are? Because you are. And I like it. By a lot even.

8> There was one good thing about today. If my dr here on campus is correct, the school should start carrying my birth control in January. Meaning I'll be able to get it for about $4. Which, if my calculations are correct, is about 1/10th the price it is now. woot.

9> Ugh. I think my body is about to self destruct. Speeeewwww...

10> And now, another haiku:
devil duck key chain
sitting next to taz weeple
and tiny apple


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