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Monday, February 03, 2003

I got a lot accomplished this weekend, all told, which is why I haven't posted more until now. I've done a lot of reading so that I'm mostly caught up through Wednesday, but I want to read Notes from Underground one more time since I have a quiz on it on Tuesday, so hopefully I'll be able to get that done. I have like 6 novels in my backpack because I don't know what I'll have time to start tomorrow and what I won't, and two of them are books that I've already finished that I either plan to go over again or am still using in class.

So I guess now is as good as any time to admit that I did, in fact, make a new years resolution this year (well, a couple, but that's for another day), and so far I've been doing well with it. I decided not to resolve to lose weight, because a) I refuse to weigh myself because it only depresses me, and b) I don't really give a shit what I weigh, I want to see results, and c) my main goal is to be healthy, and specifically because I've heard that losing a significant amount of weight will sometimes go a long way towards correcting hormonal problems like I have. I didn't start on this before I left for school because a) my family never buys anything healthy to eat, and b) it was too friggin hot to go walking outside except at night, and I had no one to go at night with. But I've started now, over the past week, and even though I planned to make allowences for being cursed, I didn't take advantage of them. I've started walking at the track at my school since there isn't one friggin treadmill on this campus, and I actually sort of like the track better, because at least there are things to look at. I've also started doing situps every night, and they seem to be increasing in number even though I never set out with that in mind. like the first night I did only 20, but over the last 4 days it's gone up to 100. So in the exercise arena, I'm making progress... don't know if it will be fast enough progress to satisfy me, but we'll see, right? In the food category I haven't done too bad, but haven't done as well as I'd like. I haven't been overeating, at least, but the problem is that, with my schedule being what it is, I have forgotten meals entirely at least 5 or 6 times in the last two weeks. I've started taking a multi-vitamin, though, and hopefully I won't forget this week. The last thing, which I admit is a strange ally in this battle, is that I've become an avid crocheter (is crocheter a word?)... but the thing is that I tend to get the munchies when I'm bored, and well, if I crochet when I'm bored instead of munch on crackers or whatever, well, the benefit is definitely there...

so they switched my birth control so that, instead of $40 a month my cost is now $4 a month... good, monetary wise, but now I just have to wait and see if there are any side effects. the last ones had side effects, but only to the extent that I lost weight and my boobs got bigger. wouldn't it be tragic if the same happened again? It's wierd, these new ones are in one of those round compact thingies that you always see birth control in, but it's new to me since mine weren't like that... the case has holes in the back so that you poke the pills out through the back of the plastic case... maybe I'm odd, but I would find it exceptionally cool if they would design birth control that came in a pez dispenser....

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