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Monday, February 17, 2003

so I am really really tired right now... like I can barely hold my head up tired... life if I could get into an even remotely comfortable position and close my eyes for 5 seconds, I would be asleep already. but lucky me. I have 3 hours left to go. doh!

got my first bio quiz back today, and I got a 14/15, so go me. tomorrow, however, is my first biology midterm, so needless to say, even when I do get home tonight, I've got a few hours to go before I can sleep at all. damn college, and damn me for taking 20 effing units. I don't know anyone else besides me who is taking that many units this semester... a few people are close, but no ones taking quite as many. I know I can do it, and maybe even pull off that 4.0 I so desperately desire, it's just that I won't be able to move for a few months after this semester ends, because I fully expect to lapse into a coma. hopefully this summer will afford me some quality down time.

speaking of summer, I need to find a way to procure some cash flow without finding gainful employment, because I don't have time for gainful employment at the current moment. here are things I am willing to do in exchange for money: post text ads on my site, do professional portraits (which yes, I do have experience in... if you're interested in my portfolio, contact me using the link to the above right), build websites, crochet things, and type stuff. I'm sure there are other things I could do... I'm an english major, pretty creative, fairly intelligent, and all that stuff... if you've got any ideas, let me know... I can't sell plasma for health reasons, dag nabbitt, and I can't sell my ovaries because they don't work. so yeah, if you can think of anything, or need any of the aforementioned services, give me a holler.

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