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Friday, February 14, 2003

so todays been decent. only had one class, but I went to it even though we were just watching a movie... had three hours to kill, so I went and walked 2 miles on the track, and then got brave and actually weighed myself, and it turns out I've lost 10 pounds... go me. after that I practiced with the doo-wap people I've been singing with since last semester, and we're putting together some good stuff, hopefully it'll go somewhere.

I've decided that I need a Dr. Adam to chase around for seven miles a day like when I was in London. I lost soooo much weight in those two weeks, I'm convinced if I had him to chase around I could do it again... maybe even just a little cardboard version of him on a track like in dog races, instead of a rabbit...

I have so much shit to do this weekend it's crazy... I have 2 books to finish, and 100 pages of another to read (about 500 pages right there)... plus I have a paper to start, a bio midterm to study for, and another thing to write for psych of women. pfeh. homework sucks. stacy smash.

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