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Monday, February 10, 2003

so, the day is finally effing over, and I am back in cutoff sweats and a grubby tshirt and my fuzzy slippers... I have removed the spackle from my face, the shoes that were starting to wear the skin off my feet, and the fishnets, my hair is tied back, and I have settled safely back into comfort. some observations and todays experiences:

generalized female reaction: "wow, you look (nice/fancy/pretty/beautiful) today! whats the occasion?"
generalized male reaction: "uh, you're dressed up today."

I was engaged in conversation by 3 males that I have never talked to before. hmmmm... one of them was in a class with me last semester, and even though he usually sits on the other side of the room, sat by me and we chatted in class. another seemed somewhat nervous about talking to me during bio lab, but finally asked my name as I was walking away. the third is in my brit lit class and bumped into me at the depot.

got complimented on my shoes.

my women's studies professor, the one who's been stressing how important it is to challenge gender norms and be aware of the positive and negative reinforcement we offer people for gendered behavior, made a point of telling me I looked beautiful *smacks forehead*

found that some girls who normally talk to me, were noticably more reserved around me today... a few were even openly distainful... assholes.

one girl, in my colloquium class, was a complete cunt to me while we were in small discussion groups. she made a point to disregard every effing thing I said, and kept giving me looks like I'm an idiot or something. wanted to smack her. not sure if this is due to dress & makeup, or not, because I've never talked to her before. she can take her superiority complex and shove it, thank you, I got a 4.0 last semester. cunt.

noticed that fewer people smiled back at me this morning than usual, though not sure if thats due to dress & makeup, or due to it being monday morning. did, however, notice more people looking at me when they thought I wasn't looking. pfeh.

overall, was interesting experience, would do it again in more comfortable shoes and attire with pockets. maybe. if I didn't have to get up early. maybe.

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