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Monday, February 03, 2003

so I'm in a different computer lab right now, which only has macs in it, and you know what? I don't like macs, I've decided. I mean sure, it's colorful and all that, but I find nothing whatsoever in this computer that is better than a PC, and frankly I find th way it operates to be a little irritating... the mouse only has 1 button, for goodness sakes...

there is one thing about it that I like, and that's the keyboard, because it's little and the keys don't make a lot of noise when I type.

bio was interesting enough, we hiked up to CCAT and mosied around for a while... they actually have a TV there that is hooked up to an exercise bike, and you pedal the bike to operate the TV... and I can't decide whether I like this idea or whether I think it's ridiculous... I mean, isn't the whole purpose of TV to be lazy and veg out? then again, if all TVs operated that way, maybe there'd be less overweight people, and maybe I'd be one of them... either way, it's interesting... they also have a bike-powered blender... interesting... you could work off a margarita before you're done making it, LoL...

I am so tired right now it's untrue. I kept wanting to curl up in class and fall asleep, but fortunately I've managed to stay awake thus far... I have one more class, in about an hour, and it's two hours long (please shoot me), but I have to go because it's only once a week and only for half the semester... technically I can afford to miss like 2 class meetings, but I fully recognize that I am going to be wasted by the time I get back from spring break (Saturday, 11 hours on planes or in airports, crash at Mikeys, and then a 5 hour drive the next day = one dead Stacy)... and since this class is on a Monday, and late at that, I'm going to want to be able to miss it that day, so hopefully I can hold out until then. anyway, after today, the worst of the week is over, and I've done my homework through tomorrow, so I really don't have to do any homework tonight, although I am planning to start Vanity Fair and Crime and Punnishment. and at least tomorrow I can get back to my room by 12:30 and take a nap... mmmmmm.... sleeeeeep... *purrrrrrrrrr*

I sent a postcard off to my sister today... man I miss her like crazy. my mom said they might be able to come up and visit me in April, so I'm sooooo crossing my fingers on that one. also, I was talking to WendyLady, and saying that there's a possibility I might be driving out to PA this summer, maybe, and she said that if she's not taking classes maybe maybe she'll come out and visit the Amiekins and then drive out to PA with me... maybe maybe maybe... that would be exceptionally cool, because if I'm not alone we could crash at rest stops and save money and stuff. plus, you know, blast shitty 80's music and just have a blast in general... woot woot.

so I didn't forget to eat today, which is good, and so far the birth control is still okay, at least to say nothing bad has happened, my head hasn't fallen off or anything... but of course, it's still too soon to tell, but I'm just trying to remain optimistic, dag nabbit.

okay, now I'm rambling because I'm bored, so I'm going to stop typing and step away from the keyboard.

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