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Monday, February 03, 2003

So I'm between classes right now, 3 down, 2 more to go... of course, that's hardly an accurate way of looking at it... seeing as my first three classes are, all together, 3 hours long, and my next class is 3 hours by itself...

just thought I'd take this opportunity to point out that I can check my email and my website during the day, even if I can't get onto AIM... so if anyone wants to email me or leave me messages on my website on Mondays or Thursdays, it would do a lot to put a smile on my face on an otherwise grueling and tiring day.

coming up next, bio lab *insert cheesy science music a la 1970's pbs shows*, and touring the CCAT house (Campus Center for Appropriate Technology)... should be interesting at the very least.

on the new birth control, so far so good... I feel less psychotic today, but then maybe thats just me seeing as I've only taken one of the damn things and it's really too soon to tell. crossing my fingers, though.

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