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Wednesday, April 02, 2003

so my steevie called me this morning with some good news, some reflections, some questions, and some devils advocating... I so need to go driving with him or drink coffee with him or sit under the bridge in Penn Park talking about life with him. cuz seriously, this decision I have to make is pretty huge and I don't know what to do, because I don't feel like I have all the info, but let me break it down as it stands so far:

I could do Marine Bio
I could deversify my career options
it will delay my graduation, which considering the state of the economy and job market, maybe be either a good or bad things, so I'm putting this in both categories
I'd get to study science, which sounds sooo good to me
I could get a masters in the sciences

it would take me longer to graduate
which means I'd be farther from fuzzy for longer
and I'd be far from my family too
which is a bad combination
it would cost more because of the extra year

other info:
there might be a unit cap on financial aid, I have to check on that
I might be able to do some of my classes at a JC over the summer if I can afford it
but then if I take classes over the summer it limits the possibility of me seeing fuzzy over the summer unless he comes out to CA
also have to find out which schools will admit me to a masters program with only a bio minor
one school (I think it was UCSB or UCSD, can't remember and don't want to check right now) said I could apply to grad school as an undeclared masters degree candidate, take the science classes then and then declare an MS Marine Bio or Bio major and do it that way, meaning I could finish up here next year and still do the sciences for masters with an English BA, but I don't know how many or what schools would let me do that, meaning I'd be limited as far as where I could go to school...
so yeah, thats how things are now. I'll post more later, probably, and for the next few weeks leading up to registration.

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