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Tuesday, April 01, 2003

how about an update?

things are going well, except that a certain someone is driving me absolutely daft and making me really really long for the end of this freaking semester already.

classes are going okay, not too intense at the moment but thats mainly because I'm still out of give a shit and probably won't get any more until next semester.

speaking of next semeser, registration time is coming up, so I really need to decide if I'm going to go for a bio minor, because with prerequesites, I'll need to start like this coming semester on that. so if anyones got input on that, especially you fuzzy, I want to hear it. it's a big commitment at this point because if I want to graduate in a year, I have to decide now, because taking even one extra class towards that minor will mean that I'll be off track for graduating in a year and thus almost irrevocably locked into staying for at least an extra semester. so yeah, big decisions in the works.

in general, feeling better about being here, though last night it really started to hit me how much I miss the boyfriend creature. I've been so busy, first with all the traveling bullshit, and then with classes and stuff, that it took a three-day weekend to make me realize how much I miss him. and it sucks, because on some level everything feels wrong, or at least incomplete, without him around. I have a visit with the mama and the sister to look forward to in a little over a week, but still I kinda feel like one of my limbs is missing.

bio today was interesting, we talked about Cancer and stuff, and according to my prof, about 75% of all cancer cases are completely avoidable/preventable by making the right lifestyle choices... think I'll be reevaluating some stuff.

so how about it's warming up a bit, and the airs all clear and the sky is blue, and I can see the beach from my classroom windows. I think it's about time for some outdoor adventures in Stacy land, like 5 minutes ago. I am so taking one of the surfing classes next year, I've decided, and maybe a scuba class too, because I think they offer them here. If I'm gonna be a marine biologist, it's time for me to get reaquainted with my ocean, after all. Anyone care to join me?

and I'm burning to see my best friends again, and I'm effing thrilled down to my toes that one may be heading back to these parts soonish-like. seriously, it would do wonders for my sanity, and you know who you are. I don't like being biased, especially when it's a big decision for you and all, but seriously, it has the potential of making next year a whole lot brighter for yours truly. Imagine all the trouble we could get into fun we could have! ;) besides, mamushka misses you.

summer needs to be here already, and I just want to have everything figured out, you know? like not up in the air anymore, but I guess this is one of those "live is a journey, not a destination" type of situations. and it's okay, I mean, I'm uncomfortable with uncertainty, but it doesn't do any good to worry about things you can't really control, and maybe this will teach me a wee bit of patience and initiative, right?

oh yeah, and I went to the dr, and she said that there's really nothing wrong with my ear or throat, and she thinks that the problem is that I'm grinding my teeth at night, which is causing my jaw joint to be inflamed and making stuff around it, like my ear and throat, hurt. so she gave me happy green pills that work longer than the excedrine I've been taking, like for 12 hours even, and I took one today and I feel very relaxed. she said it may be stress related even, which makes sense, you know, since I'm still getting used to that fish-out-of-water feeling, and the end of the semester approaching all too quickly, you know? so yeah, hopefully this stuff will work since I really can't afford to go to the dentist. which reminds me, I really need to be applying for medical already, so I can get me some health insurance.

oh, and my domain name runs out in like 40 days, and I may or may not have the fundage to renew it, so bookmark the other url, just in case, if you haven't already.

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