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Sunday, March 23, 2003

so here's a recap of my trip:

- Had a really effing extremely wonderful fantabulous week with the boyfriend creature. Miss him immensely. Will reveal this in spurts as thinking about it too much will result in a flood of tears, and since I've not got any left at the moment will actually be dry sobs, and those effing hurt, dammit.

- United Airlines is fired because their leaky plane made me miss the last flight into Erie on Saturday night so that I didn't actually arrive there until Sunday morning, thus effectively shaving 12 hours off the time I was able to spend with Chris. May they rot in hell, along with the mechanic who took over a fucking hour to arrive.

- so I spent oodles of time knitting warm stuff for my voyage into the great white northeast. did I wear any of it? not one fucking time.

- I really missed Pennsylvania, actually.

- My boyfriend has some really excellent friends.

- Finally got a picture of the two of us together. If I can find a scanner somewhere, I'll post it.

- Five hours is a really long time to drive by yourself, especially when you're trying really really effing hard not to think about something that will result in being blinded by tears, which is an exceedingly bad thing when you're driving by yourself at night on a windy road.

- File this under unexplainable phenomena: sleeping by myself, I can never, ever keep warm. I invariably wake up curled up in every blanket within a five mile radius. however, sleeping next to the boyfriend, I have no problem staying warm. go figure.

- it's amazing to me how much fun you can have doing absolutely nothing.

- so flying back, it was raining on the way into Sacramento, and I was right by the wing, and the rain was going sideways and it was dark, and every time the strobe light on the wing tip would light up, it looked like the sky was tv static. it was cool.

- being the one leaving is a hell of a lot different than being the one staying behind. having stuff to accomplish, like navigating 3 airports and driving 5 hours and getting film developed has given me a feeling of numbness, ultimately, which isn't exactly good because I am so afraid of the quiet now, and the inevitable onslaught of loneliness that I feel creeping up on me. it's like everything is delayed a bit by the stuff I have to get done.

- have I mentioned how completely, totally, utterly in love with my boyfriend I am? cuz I am. like by a lot even.

- and since I know this is probably one of the highlights of the week for him, yes, I finally agreed to watch star wars, and yes, I actually liked it. you happy?

- out of all the airports I've been through, I have to say that Pittsburgh is probably the most rational and easy to navigate, given it's size. O'Hare airport is just fucking ridiculous, although if you're looking for artery clogging fast food, it's a sure winner. but why in the hell I had to run over a mile between gates of arrival and departure is just fucking beyond me.

- I think it should be perfectly legal and acceptable to stow small children and select passengers in the overhead compartment.

- I've now seen Star Trek: Nemesis three times, thank you United fucking Airlines.

I'm sure there's more, and probably shitloads I'm not telling, but get over it. I'm tired and worn out and depressed and lonely and numb and completely out of it.

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