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Tuesday, May 06, 2003

*happy dance*

so I contacted someone for those volunteer/intership opps as forwarded to me by mix-master Phug, explained everything about my situation, my educational background, future goals, all that kind of stuff. we engaged in phone tag for a little while, but eventually made it onto the phone together. she said I sound ideal for their programs, and that even though she usually requires an interview, it sounds like I have everything together, and she's fine with meeting me on the first day of training. there's an internship open, but it's mainly teaching focused, and I'm not sure that would be the most appropriate thing for what I want to do... then there are docent positions, both for school kids and the general public, and then there's the aquarist program, which is what I really want, because it involves feeding and looking after the animals and cleaning out the tanks and just making sure everythings in order, that kind of stuff. that one really appeals to me because I want to work with animals in some capacity if I can. I'm so excited, because I didn't think I'd get it given my lack of sciency experience and all that, and this is really a great way to get my foot in the door... big aquariums and stuff ask for experience, even for volunteers... and who knows, maybe I'll work at this place for a couple of summers, or maybe I'll be able to work at the Aquarium of the Pacific next year. at any rate me = very very excited.

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