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Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Today was pretty productive...

- got my second paper back in Dostoevsky. got an A! woot woot!

- went and made an appointment with financial aid to figure out all this unit cap stuff, just so I don't have to wait until I actually hit the unit cap.

- my tutee told me that I go above and beyond the call of duty for him... it was cool.

- filled out my pay voucher for tutoring... get paid in about 2 weeks. woooot.

- went through more of my crap today... I decided that I'm going to go through things with the question in mind "do I want to pack this or make room for it in my car?" if the answer is no, to the trash it goes...

okay, going to bed now, to dream of my boyfriend taking down drug cartels... he better not be wearing a suit like something out of miami vice...

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