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Monday, August 16, 2004

so at Fuzzy's behest, I am posting more about the whole shitload of nothing I have to do for the next week.

I got new sheets at Ross. They're nice, a red and cream toile patterned flannel. And I got a nice textured woven blanket in place of a comforter. It looks comfy, and I'll give a full report once I've slept in them, since I know you're all waiting breathlessly on the edge of your seats.

I also got new towels, since my grandmother lost mine (along with my sheets.) I got a huge purple towel, and a normal sized one that is white with purple and green stripes. Per my mothers instructions, they look nothing like any of the towels that belong to my grandmother, so hopefully these will not go missing, although I think she secretly enjoys losing my stuff.

Cell phone reception in my room is unreliable at best, so it looks like I'll be getting a land line to supplement said crappy reception. Oh well.

So I bought my books today. All three of them. For like thirty bucks.

I put up all my posters and a bunch of my photos from last semester. I also put up my christmas lights. My room is making me happy, which is nice for a change. I even found a perfect place for my shoes.

Did I mention how much I missed buying gummi bears by the pound from Winco? I totally missed Winco. Ah, $2 gallons of milk!

All of my suitemates seem cool so far. One girls seems a little wary of being social, like she's really nervous or something, but maybe she's just tired. My suitemate across the way has 4 pet gecko's, which are super cool and enjoy crawling over me and tickling the back of my neck.

So with the money left on my c-card, I bought a little journal. It's cover is a green basket weave, and I think the whole thing is made out of recycled stuff. I can't tell for sure because it was made in Italy, but my best guess is that "prodotti in carta ecologica rigenerata" means something to the effect of "made from recycled materials." Anyone know Italian?

I got bit by a skeeto. I hope I don't get West Nile?

I'm not going to whine about missing Fuzzy. But I will say this: It's the most miraculous and amazing experience to notice that no matter how long we're together we just keep getting closer and closer. He's really my best friend in addition to everyone else. The hardest thing about being here is that, over the last few years, his presence has come to be a hugely comforting thing. Even when we're not talking or doing anything together, just knowing he's nearby makes me feel happy and comfortable, and now that we're far apart again I am missing that. It never ceases to amaze me how we can be in each others company for 24 hours a day for nearly 4 solid months without getting annoyed with each other. It's hard to get used to being alone for the better part of that time now.

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At 12:41 PM, Blogger Sotagrande said...

I'm not Italian, but loosely translated by my friend Alberto "Al" Tavista, it means, "products in regenerated ecological paper."


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