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Saturday, March 05, 2005

soooo.... tired..... long, random, bulleted post to follow

* I miss school. Seriously? Working two jobs is not my idea of fun. Especially since one job involves taking a serious amount of disrespect from the community. I don't want to write about this job for fear of being dooced, but lets just say I am journaling faithfully all of the interesting and infuriating occurences for eventual blog fodder.

* I did the whole Great International Secret Blog Exchange thing. Interestingly enough, it was way fun just putting together a package for someone, and I haven't even given any thought to the fact that there should be a package winging it's way to me. I'm far too busy wondering if the person I sent a package to will like it, when she'll get it, etc etc etc. Her blog is incredibly interesting, too, and I'll be linking to it as soon as she gets the package and I don't have to try and maintain the surprise anymore. Don't want to give the game away with referer stats ;)

* I'm going home for a week!! I have the week off at mystery job two, since HSU is not in session and half the work load is nullified, and so I got the other days off from the law office, I'm getting my car fixed on Tuesday, and I'm loading up my car with my buddy Jess and we're heading down to the 90603. My mom wants to take me to try on wedding dresses, which sounds horrific because I still feel kind of like a gigantic slug woman and would rather wait a month or two, but it still sounds secretly exciting all the same. And we're going to look at possible locations and stuff too. Plus I get to see my sister! My Amie!!! So excited :) And my brothers and my dad and my friends and eeeeee! Can't wait. I haven't been home since October, which is the longest I've ever been away, and it's been hard.

* So for the wedding, I want to have a garden theme, use tons of flowers, and for colors I want blues and purples, think like a big bunch of Hydrangeas. I'm going to do the flowers myself, because it will save money and then I can get what I want easier. My first job was at a flower shop, so I'm not totally inexperienced either. The plan is for me and my mom to get a bunch of flowers in June to practice with (that way we'll see whats available that time of year, too.) Me and Aja are also going to take a cake decorating class, so if everything with that goes perfect, maybe we'll do the cake too? It's an idea, but since I know I'm already going to be running around like crazy right before the wedding, I'm not terribly attached to that idea, so if it doesn't work, we'll just have a cake done professionally. Decor, aside from flowers, will depend on where we have the wedding. I really want to have it outdoors in a garden, but it just depends on what we can afford. Fortunately, we have a year to plan this shindig.

* We ordered my
ring! So excited! It matches witht he wedding theme I want perfectly even, so woot :)

* Getting back to the hugemongous slug woman problem, I joined curves. Sometimes I feel like a victim of our ridiculous culture because of my horrible body image, but lets face it, I am dangerously overweight and it has already affected my health, so it's past the time to take action. Besides, I don't want to be a stick insect, I just want to be healthy... I would be happy to lose maybe 3 sizes in the next year, which is a reasonable goal. I don't want to take up less space in the world, I want to occupy it more fully. I want to move and not feel silly, I want to be active and really alive and not a couch potato. It's only been a week and I already have more energy. I was concerned because I heard that Curves supports anti-abortion groups, but there aren't many gyms up here and this is the only thing I can afford. I'm going to donate to Planned Parenthood, and I've been reading curvers for choice and it sounds like other members had the same idea, plus more accurate information, so I feel a bit better about it now. Plus my local curves has, as of March third, in three days time, collected over 500 pounds of food for our local food bank, so that's something to be proud of. The food drive goes on all month, so hopefully we'll raise a lot more, too.

* and.... that's it. Not much going down on Planet Stacy.

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At 6:08 PM, Anonymous Michelle!!!! said...

Dude, you can so lose 3 sizes in a year. I did. I went from the oh so flattering 16 down to an 8-10. You can so do it. I have Faith in the Stacy. The great power that she is. Rock that Curves place, rock their world. k, I'm done now.

At 6:11 PM, Anonymous Michelle!!!! said...

Dude, you can so lose 3 sizes in a year. I did. I went from the oh so flattering 16 down to an 8-10. You can so do it. I have Faith in the Stacy. The great power that she is. Rock that Curves place, rock their world. k, I'm done now.

At 9:21 PM, Blogger Stacy said...

Guess what! Okay, so it's not a big deal, but I weighed myself today and I lost three pounds since I started on the first of the month :)

At 3:41 AM, Blogger Deanna said...

How weird that you posted this today, being that today is the day that I GOT YOUR PACKAGE!!! I am SOOO pumped about it, you did an absolutely great job picking things out! I mean cadbury cream eggs? I've actually had full-length conversations with fellow-expats-in-uganda about the inability to fulfill the CreamEggCraving. And cosmo mag? Like cigarettes in a prison! Who knows what i'll be able to get in return for that (after i finish reading it of course!) And i can't decide which knitting pattern to make - fun to have so many choices!!

Anyways, thanks for the awesome package and cheerful letter and this comment is getting long enough that it should probably have been an email,
p.s. I'm going to have to break my blogging-break to post about this! Post on my blog will be coming soon!


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