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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

we are your friends

So, life took a nice upturn today, in my 8am chem lab, strangely enough. We had a quiz, for which I studied briefly last night. I finished it first, as usual, and so my professor was reading over it. I got a little nervous, so I got up to go to the restroom while everyone else finished, and he came over to me and said "Thanks for writing my key for the quiz", and I said "so I did well?" (because it was 8am and I'm slow on the uptake), and he said I nailed it, so woo woo. THEN I turned in two of my test results for the qualitative analysis stuff, and I got full points on both of them =D Seriously, maybe this makes me a huge dork, but it made me feel *so* much better, and I feel like I got my mojo back, and suddenly a semester that felt hopeless gradewise feels doable and like I might just be able to do really well after all. It's still going to take a lot of work, of course, but it's amazing how your stamina for something can improve just by having small miracles.

It's nice having my mom around, even though I haven't gotten to spend that much time with her. It's a comfort just having her at the apartment with us. My sister is bored out of her mind, but she brought Britney with her, so it's at least a little better. Britney's fun to have around too, so I'm glad she came. And I really missed Amie a lot, so I'm glad she's here. I just wish I had more time to visit everyone.

My uncle is doing fine after the surgery, which is great. The shock of it is mostly passed now, so yay for that.

I have one more test this round, on Friday, and I think I'm going to do well on it. After that I'll be able to relax for a little bit before I dive into studying for my finals. I have 4 exams to study for, two of which are for OChem, because I tanked the second test in that class, but at least there's the optional exam to make up for it, so all is not lost. I also need to go over a bunch of the stuff from the Gen Chem test I tanked, because it might reappear on the final exam. One thing is for certain, the semester is over in 5 weeks, after that all I will have to worry about is the wedding, and I am ready to see the back side of these classes. If I can just power through these next 5 weeks, I will be okay. Next semester will definitely be better, I am so excited about the classes I'm going to have: Genetics, Quant, and Forensic Anthropology.

Keep you fingers crossed for me, y'all. I can so do this.

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At 6:37 PM, Blogger Meimur said...

I want to take Forensic Anthropology, it sounds fun.


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